SAWYER Pipe Cutters

Adjustable Torch Holders

A New Design Torch Holder Attachment fits all standard sizes of Sawyer Band Type, Compact and Quick-Set Beveling Machines, as well as the Out-of-Round Attachment.

  • Constructed of durable, light-weight aluminum
  • Horizontal adjustment that allows torch rather than entire beveling machine to be moved when making final adjustments prior to cutting and beveling
  • Reduces time required for pipe-end preparation
  • Provides a superior cut and bevel

Double Cut Torch Carrier

  • Enables simultaneous carrying of two machine-type torches
  • Allows independent height, lead, and degree of bevel adjustments
  • Permits adjustment of spacing between torches
  • Rigid, lightweight aluminum construction
  • Available with “Out-of-Round” feature
  • Available for either Compact or Quick-Set machines (Specify machine by type, model, size, and range)

Motor Drive Attachment

  • Fits all Compact, Quick-set and Band-type beveling transmissions
  • Industrial grade fully-enclosed gear motor for durability and long life
  • Increased speed control range allows flame or plasma cutting
  • Extension cords and plugs are water resistant per IP 67 and are arctic and flame resistant
  • Cast aluminum motor mount increases durability and rigidity
  • High visibility yellow polyamide control box with integrated handle
  • Shielded magnet included on the control box for attachment to pipe during use

Out-of-Round Attachment

  • “Floats” torch carrier to follow pipe contour
  • Maintains proper distance from pipe surface
  • Compact, easily mounted and adjusted
  • Accurate graduation permits setting torch for bevel angle
  • Torch clamps adjust to provide lead
  • Torch can be raised for igniting and flame adjustment
  • Accepts any standard machine cutting torch
  • Available with double bevel attachment (Specify machine by type, model, size, and range).


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