Handheld Oxygen Purge Monitor

JTS-PTA Handheld Purge Monitor PM1

Made In Australia

JTS-PTA Purge Monitor Model PM1 is a small hand-held instrument which facilitates welding of stainless steel by oxygen concentration to less than 0.1% (10 ppm). it is breast pocket portable (with pump and tubing slung over the shoulder). The instrument is turned on and off by activating the on/off Toggle switch, hereby the 4-digit LCD display for indication of oxygen concentration is turned on and off. Before measurements on the welding atmosphere the instrument must be calibrated by the oxygen content of normal air which is 20.9%. This is carried out by pumping clean air to the oxygen sensor using the rubber pump included. By adjusting the knob. The instrument is then calibrated for measurements in the range from 0 – 100%. Oxygen purge monitoring may now be carried out by pumping samples of the protection gas into the instrument. The instrument will keep is calibration even when switched on and off. However, it is recommended to calibrate once a day. The instrument has a built-in temperature compensation to ensure reliable measuring result in the entire temperature range in which it must operate. Large, sudden temperature changes may change measurement result until the temperature of the measurement transducer has stabilized. Shortly before the batteries are used up, the display will, when instrument will flash on, show “low battery” until it is calibrated. it also has a back light as well for use in dark palces.

0.01 – 25.00% (Oxygen concentration in air)
20.9% (oxygen Concentration in air)
0.01% (100 ppm)
±0,01 (±100ppm) at 0,05% + 0, -0,2% at 20.9%
Temperature range:
0ºC - 50ºC
130 x 68 x 27mm
Thermo-electric ø 20 x 30mm
Rubber Tube with probe
1500mm ø8 / ø2mm
Rubber Pump:
Ø60 x 80mm with 300mm tube ø8
AA Batteries 1.5v, 2pce.
Robust batteries cover Long battery life. Easy replacement of sensor. Min. one-year life. Semi-automatic calibration. Handy instrument casing (for breast pocket).




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