ORBITEC External Wire Feed Units

Compact and light weight wire feed unit mounted in a Peli case for 5kg (Orbifeed 5) and 15kg (Orbifeed 15) standard wire spools.

Package includes:
  • Water resistant and dust proof peli case
  • Four roller drive mechanism
  • 3mtr liner assembly
  • Inlet and outlet nozzles
  • Torch bracket for wire feed
  • Interconnecting cables Orbifeed to Tigtronic Controller
Technical Data:
Orbifeed 5 
Orbifeed 15 
Motor voltage and power:   
4VDC, 6W 
24VDC, 6W
approx. 7kg
approx. 7kg
Dimensions (L x W x H):
406 x 330 x 174mm
525 x 436 x 217mm
Wire spools: 
Standard spools 5kg
Standard spools 5 und 15kg
Wire outside diameter:
0.8 / 1.0mm
0.8 / 1.0mm

Wire Feed Unit Orbifeed 5 for 5 kg-Spools (Item No. 1.3.1701)
Wire Feed Unit Orbifeed 15 for 15 kg-Spools (Item No. 1.3.1702)


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