ORBITEC KG 100 Water Cooling Unit

KG 100 Water Cooling Unit

Package includes:

  • Water Cooling Unit
  • Connection Cable Controller to Cooling Unit
  • 1ltr antifreeze

The KG 100 Water Cooling Unit may be used in conjunction with Tigtronic 205 & 205 Auto range Inverters for all water cooled enclosed OSK-W & OSK-GW Weld Heads and water cooled torch options for OSW & OSZ Open Framed Weld Heads.

Technical Data:
Input voltage:
24V DC
Cooling system:
Dimension (L x W x H):
390 x 265 x 250mm
Noise level:
< 70dB(A) idling
Water column:
20m / 2ltr. / min.

KG100 Water Cooling Unit with Tigtronic 205 Inverter


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