ORBITEC Orbital Welding Controller Accessories

Remote Control Pendant Orbicontrol

8mtr cable remote control, if required additional 8mtr extensions available for Basic, Orbital and Integral Tigtronic Controllers.

  • Start, downslope and termination of weld sequence
  • Travel jog buttons
  • Wire feed Jog buttons

    Package includes:

    Remote control with 8mtr cable

     Item No. 1.3.0021

Extension Cable Orbicontrol-1, 8mtr (Item No. 1.3.0022)

Remote Control Pendant Orbicontrol-2

Package includes:
  • Wireless remote control
  • Black leather case with clear window
  • Reciever
  • Item No. 1.3.0023
Wireless remote control with all the functions of the Orbicontrol-1 for operation with the Basic, Orbital and Integral controllers.

USB-Stick, 1 GB (Item No.. 1.1.0202)

Item No.Nr. 1.3.0025


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