Pipe Fit-Up Clamps
Fit-Up Clamps are available from 13 - 350mm NB pipe size, the, Fit-Up Clamps are used to Fit-Up and align small to heavy wall pipes and fittings as well valves and flanges, for subsequent welding Operations.
The light weight and simple design, makes the Fit-Up Clamp ideal for light to heavy duty Fit-Up applications, where "Out-of-Round" problems do exist.
You can reform thin wall pipe such as schedule 10 stainless steel. Where reforming is necessary to be eliminated "Hi-Lo" on ID. of the pipe, walls thicker than Schedule10 please refer to Chain Clamps, which are available from 100 - 3000mm diameter pipe.
Fit-Up Clamps are:
1) Lightweight start at only 1.35kg.
2) Easy to apply " Acts as a Second Pair of Hands while a Fit-Up takes Place!!!!!
3) Inexpensive to the time it cost to do a perfect Fit-Up.
4) Life time lasting quality.
5) Quick and easy to use.
6) All Cast Steel Parts, are Z/P or Stainless Steel; Wing bolts won't mark the surface.
7) All JA Fit-Up Clamps are Life Time Guaranty, for material and workmanship.



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