Trailing Shields
Trailing Shields, Leading Shields, Shielding for Millennium

To Prevent insufficient Titanium Welds. For a proper and well done Titanium Weld, the welding itself together with circumference material will be SHINING with bright clear color. This can only be achieved when all natural air gases have been removed during the welding operation itself. Today Argon-gas (purity of 99.996%) is common use. Lack of gas protection during a titanium welding process will lead to an insufficient weld which can be seen from the different colors, depending on which oxides that has been created.

YELLOW COLOR Reason: Titannitrid (TIN) has most likely been created. Titannitrid (TIN) has a melting point of 2930C (5306F), this kind of oxide does not dissolve within this temperature, but will be spread around as small hard particles in the weld and into the surrounded material.

BLUE COLOR Reason: Titancloride (TICL3) has most likely been created. This can also be a compost of several oxides that have been created. Titancloride will dissolve at a

WHITE COLOR. Reason: Titan oxide (TiO2) has been created. Titan oxide dissolves at a temperature of 1640C (2984F). There will be always a high numbers of different combinations/reactions between Titanium and other source/elements, which will lead to servile color combinations. One thing for sure is that the first color, which will come through, is Yellow. The Nitrogen in the air causes this color. The Nitrogen will not disappear with continuing welding, it need to be removed with a steel-brush or by using other mechanical tool before a new deposition will be added to the existing one.temperature of 440C (624F).

Note: If there has been a discolor (Yellow, Blue, White or other) added to the Titanium-Weld or to the circumference material, the disposal/color must be removed before visual inspection has been carried out. HOW TO MAKE A PROPER TITANIUM-WELD. To achieve this goal the Trailing Shield has been designed and field-tested in all over the world, in the last two years. For field welding, offshore, onshore, the Trailing Shield will prevent insufficient welding, save cost for expensive reworking operations, reduce the amount of Argon-gas, save on wasted expensive Titanium materials, etc. The Trailing Shield can be also used for welding Stainless Steel and all kinds of Duplex qualities. The Trailing Shield will be supplied with the necessary (Tube and Tail Fitting) to fit the standard fitting on the Argon Flow Meter.



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