Aluminum and Fiber Backing Tapes
JA Aluminum Backing Tapes Self-Adhesive and heat resistant up-to 250C. Halogen free backing tape. Comes in 25mt roll.

Available in width: 25mm, 33,mm , 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm wide.

Weld Backing Tape Weld Backing tape has been designed to adhere to the backside of the weld to allow single-side welding from the front. Ideal for use: One-side welding of metal. To achieve a flatter, smooth, coke free weld bead to minimize the need for post-weld grinding and cleaning. The tape comprises a 75mm wide, heat resistant aluminum sticky tape, in the center of which is a 25mm wide strip 25mt. roll of woven glass fiber or Sil-Tex. Available in Two Grades:


incombustible, high temperature stability (max temperature:550c). good flexibility, low thermal conductivity, good mechanical and chemical agents resistance, good electrical properties.


Good abrasion resistance, incombustible, good mechanical and chemical agents resistance, good dimensional stability, good flexibility, low thermal conductivity, high temperature stability (max temperature 1000c). good thermal shock resistance.

It is possible to weld onto the tape with MIG, Stick, Tig or Plasma processes, so long as the recommended current levels are not exceeded.

The ceramic welding supports HELP enable to carry out welding from one side with full penetration with the following advantages

* No Welding on the back side.

*No Gouging.

* No Grinding.

* No Oxidation.

* No Pollution nor analysis changing in fusion bath.

* No Hydrogen inclusion.

* Quick execution.

* Utilizable for every metal.



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