External Alignment Clamp
Centromat Special Pipe Alignment Tools for Pipe fabricators.

Model 1a & 1b Centromat External Alignment Clamps for quick and accurate alignment of pipe of equal or differing diameter on a common center line. Automatic diameter compensation. There's no need to make adjustments. All parts stay easily accessible for welding.

Model 1b Special Model, Equal as 1a but with additional clamping screw allowing alignment and clamping of curved tubes, T-shaped, parts, Taper-parts and other shaped parts. Jaws are available in VA/AL/CU price on request, if you should need special models we would appreciate your inquiry.

Model No.
Clamping Range
Model 1 - A
10 - 70mm ID.
Model 1 - B
40 - 140mm ID.
Model 1 - C
75 - 330mm ID.



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