Centromat Pipe Alignment Tools
Centromat is manufacture of OD. & ID. line-up tools for pipe fit-ups. For work shop or field applications, this line of tools helps the pipe fitter to make accurate and better and quick fit-up on pipe to pipe or pipe to fittings, elbow to flange and ect. Centromat range of line-up tools covers entire NB pipe and tube size range. Centromat also manufacture a range of ID mount bevel grind attachment, for grinding a bevel after the pipe has been flame cut or plasma cut.
Click on the link for information to model range:
Model 1A External Alignment Clamp
Model 1 ORB External Alignment Clamp for Orbital Closed Weld Heads
Model 2 Small Bore Internal Alignment Clamp
Model 3A Internal Flange to Pipe Alignment Clamp
Model 3B Internal Alignment Clamp for Rotation
Model 3C Internal Standard Alignment Clamp for equal pipe inside diameters
Model 4 Internal Alignment Clamp with compensation
Model 5 Internal alignment Clamp for Flange to Tee or Elbow, or Flange to Pipe
Model 6 Chamfering or Grinding Device
Model 9 Flange Leveling Level
Model 10 Pipe Inclination Level
Model 11 Centering Head
Model 12 Contour Marker


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