Flange Wizard

Wrap-A-Round Range

WW-16 Small 1"to  6" pipe
WW-17 Medium 2" to 16" pipe
WW-17A Large 2" to 30" pipe
WW-19 Extra Large 12" to 48" pipe


Jts-Pta Wrap, made from a non-asbestos, heat resistant material, has a nice thick edge for easier more accurate marking and to help your soapstone from slipping.

Exclusive Features:

  • 48" Tape measure printed on the New Extra Large Wrap
  • 36" Tape measure printed on the medium and large Jts-Pta Wraps and
  • 28" Tape measure printed on the small Jts-Pta Wrap.
  • This limits the need for an extra tape measure and makes mark-up easier.
  • "Circumference & Quartering" scale printed on every small, medium, large & Extra Large Jts-Pta Wrap. This limits the need for calculations because the exact circumference, 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 of the circumference, plus the actual pipe diameter for 2" through 30" pipe is printed on the outside of the Jts-Pta Wrap.
  • Packaged in a durable, reusable container that will hold up in your tool box.
  • Special order lengths: L=5 x diameter.

Jts-Pta Wrap is a high density product for heavy duty service at temperature up to 360 degrees F. It has outstanding resistance to oil, gasoline, kerosene, water, and sea water.

Special order lengths and widths available:
WW-18-   5 1/4"w x Any Length.
WW-18A- 7"w x Any Length.

Part No.
FW WW-16
Wrap-A-Round 1" - 6" (25 - 150mm) Pipe
FW WW-17
Wrap-A-Round 2" - 16" (50 - 400mm) Pipe
Wrap-A-Round 6" - 30" (150 - 750mm) Pipe
FW WW-18
Wrap-A-Round 5-1/4" Wide Custom Length
Wrap-A-Round 7" Wide Custom Length
FW WW-19
Wrap-A-Round 12" - 48" (300 - 1200mm) Pipe



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