Flange Wizard


Model #38240-T
This model has pins which are threaded for flanges to 30" - 150 lbs. Fits flanges with holes 1/2" to 1 7/16" diameter.

Model #38240-TL
This is our largest model. Fits flanges with holes 1/2" to
1 15/16" diameter. All of the above models of the Pipe Align er will two-hole (make 2 holes of the flange horizontally level with the ground) and vertically level the face of the flange in ONE easy step. All models now come with 360 degree vials that just "snap" in and out for easy replacement. The Pipe Flange Align er saves valuable fit-up time, in most cases it cuts fit-up time in half and eliminates the frustration of balancing a level on the pins.

Part No
FW 38240-T
Flange Aligner
FW 38240-TL
Flange Aligner



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