PipeMate Variable Speed
The Atlas Model 1200 PipeMate is a versatile, dual speed range unit that smoothly rotates 1" to 17" diameter pipe and tube, weighing up to 1200 lbs. for tack and finish welding.

The Atlas PipeMate helps produce faster and cleaner welds with a minimum of manual handling and positioning.

These portable units have a low profile, 9-1/4" H x 18" L x 8" W, and a covered footswitch for on/off control, which makes them convenient and comfortable for the welder working at a shop bench, or for on-site welding.

The dual speed, Atlas PipeMate, and a non powered companion Idler Rolls unit, will support and turn properly balanced loads up to 700kg. A built-in, broad spectrum, high frequency filter prevents any erratic motor speeds when tig welding. Speed ranges can be easily changed by removing the front access panel and manually reversing the gears. A variable speed foot control option is available. A slow 0-30 ipm or a faster 0-60 ipm final drive, is powered by a 1/15hp, 230v, AC/DC gear motor. When removing the cover to change gears, or work on the unit, there is a built-in, automatic, electrical disconnect that prevents shock.

The Atlas PipeMate and Idler Rolls have two, 6" x 2" roller bearing wheels with rubber tires providing high load handling capacity, and heat and abrasion resistance. A "forward-off-reverse" selector switch; a speed control dial; and an easily accessible 2 amp fuse, for motor overload protection, are located on the front panel. The Atlas PipeMate may also be used with an Pipe Dollies as the idler roll, or with Pipe Stands.



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