Welding Positioner & Turn Table

Atlas Model XT-200 Welding Positioner

Features Tilting Base for Added Job Flexibility

The XT-200's unique base allows you to tilt its standard 10" table 130° forward and 15° backward, adjusted by means of a worm gear knob and locking nut. With the table in its horizontal position, the XT-200 can handle properly balanced loads up to 200 lbs.

  • Adjustable table tilt — 130° forward and 15° backward
  • Suitable for stick electrode, MIG or TIG processes
  • High frequency protected and capable of handling up to 200 amps of welding current

The XT-200 has many of the same features as the XT-100 and 500 models including solid state variable speed control, foot switch activation, forward-off-reverse switch control, and a durable DC permanent magnet gear head motor.

Standard Features Optional Features
 • 230V AC 60 cycle DC permanent magnet gear head motor
 • Solid state electronic variable speed control
 • On/Off foot switch
 • Forward/Off/Reverse switch
 • Power cord with ground plug
 • Back-mounted grounding stud
 • Larger 12" table
 • Optional table speeds up to 21.0 RPM
 • 3-jaw, 5" chuck
 • 230 volt controls
 • Dynamic braking
 • Hollow shaft for gas purge
 • Variable speed foot control



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