Benefits EZ Wipes TM increase the probability of a pure weld:

  • EZ Wipes TM are multi-purpose, saturated, abrasive cleaning wipes that remove oil, dirt, grease, marker, some adhesives and loose particles from a variety of surfaces. EZ Wipes TM are ideal for cleaning industrial work surfaces, tools, machinery and especially pipes, where contamination can severely impact the quality of the weld. EZ Wipes TM feature a specialized two-sided cleaning fabric, an abrasive side to loosen dried-on surface contaminants and a smooth side to reveal a cleaner, polished surface. EZ Wipes TM also feature a highly effective liquid blend for maximum cleaning power.
  • EZ Wipes TM can be used after removing slag with a wire brush to ensure all impurities are removed from the pipe's surface before welding.
EZ Wipes are so simple to use:
  • More convenient to use than the traditional solution and rags, pre-saturated EZ Wipes TM make cleaning nearly effortless; simply pull the wipe from the canister and start cleaning! EZ Wipes TM provide a one step controlled application; they allow the welder to spend less time cleaning and more time welding.
  • EZ Wipes TM are available in two convenient sizes. EZ Wipes TM Toolbox contain 30 wipes in a handy, portable canister, perfect for carrying to the job site. EZ Wipes TM Fab Shop contain 70 wipes, an economy size for permanent work bench settings. With EZ Wipes TM at hand, a clean weld and cleaner shop environment are never far away.

EZ Wipes require no special handling:

  • EZ Wipes TM are lint free and shred resistant; they leave nothing behind but a cleaner surface. EZ Wipes TM can be thrown away with regular trash; no special disposal is needed.
  • EZ Wipes TM are CFC and HCFC free and possess no serious threats to the environment.
EZ Wipes save you time and money:
  • With EZ Wipes TM , there is no need to buy multiple cleaning products. Save money and space on supply inventory.
  • EZ Wipes TM allow welders to maximize time spent welding; save payroll dollars by diminishing time spent cleaning.
  • EZ Wipes TM are competitively priced to both saturated and non-saturated wipes currently in the market, while offering many more benefits.


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