Machine and fabrication shops have a tendency to be dirty, dusty places; shops are where the work gets done. Welders and pipe-fitters know better than anyone though, that cleanliness is of paramount importance to all welds. Knowing this, the Aquasol Corporation has introduced a product to combat grime in the busiest shops and on the filthiest pipes.

As all welders know, weld contamination is a serious concern. Cleaning the pipe before the weld is made is nearly as important as the weld itself. In short: Pure welds start with preparation.

EZ Wipes TM feature a specialized two-sided cleaning fabric, an abrasive side for difficult to remove pipe blemishes and a smooth side for hidden contamination. This fabric, along with a carefully formulated cleaning liquid, allow for maximum cleaning power.

EZ Wipes TM usefulness also extends beyond traditional pipe preparation. They can be used on machine parts, tools, bench top areas, toolboxes, vinyl surfaces, fab shop equipment, and other metal surfaces. Because EZ Wipes TM have a concentrated cleaning liquid, they can be used to remove cutting fluid lubricants, oils, inks, , heavy grease, and some adhesives. With their many applications, EZ Wipes TM are a necessity for any machine shop environment.

Part No.
EZ Wipe (30) Sheets
EZ Wipe Fab Shop (70) Sheets

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