Water Soluble Paper Soap Stick Tubes
 Water accumulates in natural gas wells as they age, preventing the gas from rising. To maximize the life and gas production of the well, the water must be extracted or altered to allow gas production to resume. One of the most cost efficient methods for enabling the gas to flow freely again is to add a surfactant to the water, converting the liquid into foam. The method in which the surfactant is delivered is fundamental to the cost and labor efficiency. Aquasol water-soluble paper can be formed into a tube, filled with the surfactants then dropped into a gas well to deliver surfactants to the bottom of the well. The process can be further enhanced by using a Soap Stick Launcher. In the not too distant past, vast quantities of chemical solutions had to be poured down the well to reach deep, underground sources. This method is inefficient and costly when compared to using the water soluble paper soap stick method.
Benefits of Using Aquasol® Attach Water Soluble Paper Soap Stick Tubes 
  • Non- Stick Surface: Soap stick tubes made of materials other than Aquasol® water soluble paper release moisture over time and stick to one another in the soap stick launcher causing disruptions in delivery of the surfactants to the well and increased labor to remedy the problem. Only Aquasol® Attach water soluble paper tubes have a non-stick surface, ensuring continuous launching of soap sticks.

  • Safe: Soaps and detergents should be handled with caution. Aquasol® Attach water soluble paper tubes eliminate direct handling of surfactants.
  • Ready to Use: Since the Aquasol® Attach Soap Stick is ready to use, there is no need to remove packaging material before use. Contact your surfactant manufacturer and ensure your tube is made with Aquasol® water soluble paper.

  • Minimal Loss: Aquasol® Attach is a durable water soluble paper covering, minimizing stick breakage during transport.

  • Biodegradable: Aquasol® water soluble paper is made of Sodium Carboxy Methyl cellulose and wooden pulp,non-toxic and biodegradable compounds that leave no residue in the well.

  • Efficient and Economical: Water soluble soap sticks are an economical way to remove water from gas wells without using expensive well service operations such as swabbing, jetting with coiled tubing, or installing artificial lift and siphon strings. The soap sticks will normally dissolve in 20 to 80 minutes depending on temperature, salt content, and relative water motion in the well.

  • Simple Storage Requirements: Most soap sticks will not dissolve while in cool, dry and ventilated storage. Check with your soap stick manufacturer for specific storage requirements and shelf life.



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