Magnetic Rap A Round

The perfect guide for welders, pipefitters, and layout professionals

Much more than just an ordinary wraparound! JTS-PTA Raparound is the pipefitter's helper that can be used as a straight edge, square and scale. Precision cutting gives our wraparounds a smooth, clean, long-lasting edge for marking. It has layouts for 3, 4, 5, and 6 piece 90 degree elbows, decimal equivalents, protractor and other useful information for welders and pipe fitters. Made of rugged, heat-resistant, non-asbestos material. This handy guide saves you time and money by combining three tools in one.

JTS-PTA Magnetic Raparounds
Flexible Magna Raps are now available for use with pipe up to 48". You'll always get quick and easy pipe layouts with these flexible high-tech guides. Our durable magnetic wraparounds are self-aligning and hug the pipe for hands free use. Accurate pipe layout is a cinch. Every tool kit should have one.

Part No.
Pocket Mag 1.5"x30"
Mini Mag 3"x48"
REL M-12
Magna Helper 4"x60"
REL M-18
Magna Master 5"x72"
REL M-24
Big Inch 6"x90"
REL M-36
Big Inch 6"x120"
FW WW-19
Big Inch 6"x120"