Miter Marker #63803

Flange Wizard

#63803 (size range is 1-1/2 to 18-inch pipe and up to 18-inch structural beans).  The NEW and IMPROVED MITER MARKER has been completely redesigned.  MITER MARKER is sold in a sturdy polyoropylene lockable case (p/n  8902) for lasting protection.

MITER MARKER include Flange Wizard®’s new “sight unseen” magnets built right into the main base legs. This keeps the tool secure while laying out those precision angles and saddles.  The unique design of the tool allow you to telescope out over existing welds to layout angles or change the angles of pipe fittings to meet your special needs. The marking arm is completely separate from the main body. It has its own 360° rotating shaft with a built-in leveling vial. The arms have spring-loaded joints for smooth and precision operation for years of trouble-free service. Structural beam layouts and marking angles or saddles on pipe and tubing are a snap with the NEW MITER MARKER. (Structural Adapter p/n 8311 is included).

There are no extra combination adapters to buy when purchasing the MITER MARKER as they are engineered right in the body of the tool.