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Model #42050-T
This model has pins that are threaded. One pin has a vial for easier vertical leveling.
  (Pictured with the Pocket Pro Level)

Model #42050-TL
This is our largest set for holes up to 1 15/16" in diameter. One pin has a vial for easier vertical leveling.

All models now come with 360 degree vials that just "snap" in and out for easy replacement.

Part No
Two Hole Pins 10 -16mm Stainless Steel
FW 42050-T
Std. Two Hole Pins 1/2"-1-7/16"
FW 42050-TL
Large Two Hole Pins 1/2" - 1-15/16"

H&M Quick-Acting Flange Pins (Mild Steel) PKG 2 - QAFP

With H & M'fs Quick-Acting Flange Pins welding occurs in minutes with very little fit-up time. What'fs the secret? The secret is in the knob. Just tilt the knob to bypass the flange pin threads, then straighten the knob to grip the threads for tight, positive clamping. Removal is just as quick and easy. Loosen the knob, tilt it and remove. Endless threading and unthreading of the flange pins have been eliminated.
H & M'fs precision, conical flange pins provide perfect centering on 5/8" to 1 1/2" bolt holes.

Part No
Two Hole Pins 16 - 38mm

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