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AQUASOL Water Soluble Paper




Purging Dam Paper and Tapes for all types of material and applications.

Internal Alignment and External Alignment Clamps, Bevel Grind, Flange Alignment Levels & Pins, Marking Out Tools.

Internal and External Alignment Clamps and simultaneous Purge for pipe to fittings Fit-Ups, all type of applications in Aircraft & petrochemical, food process, brewers, winery's.

Help Ceramics Support Tapes for Welding HELP

The ceramic welding supports Help enable to carry out welding form one side with full penetration with the following advantages.
· No welding on the back side
· No Gouging
· No Grinding
· No oxidation
· No pollution nor analysis changing in fusion bath
· No hydrogen inclusion
· Quick execution
· Utilizable for every metal
Help means operation economy.
Available in various sizes to meet the most demanding user's requirements. We can supply Help to specific demand.

Pipe Beveling, Split-Frame for In-Lime Cutting and Beveling, Tube Cutting, Tube Squaring Machines, Flange Facing Machines.

QA Gauges

Quality Control Gauges, for metal fabricators Hi-Lo, Scew, Fillet Weld, etc.

Purging, Pipe Fit-Up Clamps, Pipe Alignment Chain Clamps, Tungsten Grinders, Purge Monitors, Trailing Shields

Pipe Fit-Up Clamps, Chain Clamps, Purging Systems, Trailing Shields, Tungsten Grinders, Backing Tapes, Tig Torches & Parts, Sintered Purging & Trailing Parts.

Turning Table & Pipe Roller

Orbital Welding: Full function for GMAW, GTAW, FCAW, MCAW and SSFCAW

ROOT, HOT, FILL and CAP Passes with same BUG. Without copper backing shoes.

Marking Out-Tools Pipe and Tube Marking Out Tools

Wrap-A-Round, Contour Marker, Centering Heads, Pro-Mag Levels, Radius Markers, Circle-Ellipse Projector.

Thomas C Wilson Tube Expanders, Boiler Expanders, Tube Rolling Machines, Bundle Pullers, Tube Pullers, Tube Sheet Working Tools. Tube & Boiler Expansion tools and Equipment, Tube Rolling Equipment, Tube Pullers, Tube Cleaning Equipment.

Miracle Point Center Finder

Miracle Point

Jts-Pta Folding Pipe Stand, Fixed Pipe Stands

Made In Australian Pipe Stands.

Reciprocating Blades

Solar Flax Welding Paste

Solar Flax for Purging, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Duplex.

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