My trip around Australia on a

I made my-self a Christmas 05 present, and I bought my self an Electra Glide, with in mined of one day I will ride this around Australia, It wasn't’t to long before I had to go around on the trip, dictions, dictions, I have decided to ride on the Electra, date has been set for departure.

14 of April 2005 Thursday Morning. Melbourne to Adelaide, distance of 729 km.
Got up in the morning as anticipated it looked as I’am going in a 4wd, it’s raining and look a miserable day for the ride I’am going to duo. Still an decided 100% what to go on, time is running out for the departure, I grabbed my bags and put them on bike strapped them down, put o the wet pants on and jacket, out I went for the ride off my life. All the way to Horsham, once I got Horsham the weather started to look better, off come the wet weather gear, on comes the wind proof jacket, fill the bike up and on to the Tailem Bend, keeping in mined that the distance is 332km, will the fuel last the distance, at 110 km it just made to Tailem Bend. It’s a high way ride nothing special, as normal fill up and on the way to Adelaide, I arrived in Adelaide early evening straight in to motel, shower and out for diner, and thinking about the next day ride, in he meantime wile waiting for my meal, I made a phone call to Wombat, and as we where talking a big slob comes to me and telling me to quiet down I’am talking to load, I virtually tolled him where to go, but I try to be nice and tolled him I was deaf from my ride. Having my diner thinking witch way should I go to Iron Knob or to Port Lincoln, in 2001 I road from Perth to Melbourne with Tessa  and we were going to do that, but we never finished that ride from Ceduna south to Port Lincoln and on to Port Augusta and I never ever done the south western Peninsula ride or drove though that area in all my trips I have done in 25 year or so. At this stage I haven’t made my mine as to witch way I will go, the difference in going through north west 465km or 744km south west. That is from Port Augusta.

15 of April 2005 Friday Morning. Adelaide to Port Lincoln in one day distance 660km.
I hade an appointment at 7am in the morning, finished at approximately 09.30am. I went straight to Peter Steven Harley Service department to see if they could do a quick service on the Electra, it has not been serviced since I have done the Tumut Heritage ride, and they where very nice to do the service for me virtually straight away, then back to Motel to pack up and hit the road to Perth. I am off again on the road, a quick stop at Virginia out skirts of  Adelaide for a fill up, and breakfast and lunch at the same time, it was about 11.45am from there out to Port Augusta distance 227 km. As normal hwy ride 100-110km ph. You have to be careful it’s a deadly road for radar’s  After a 2-3 hours of ride, and few cigarettes, arrived at Port Augusta. Sitting at the servo and thinking about witch way to go, eyne mini moe , should I go west or south, I thought I wait till I get to the Port Augusta water tanks. With in 15 -20min here I am at the cross roads west or south, I pulled over and taken some photos with the bike on the side of road in front of the water tanks, and still thinking as to south or west, as I have get on the bike and started to ride my mind was made up off south to Port Lincoln, yeah yeah on the way at last a ride that I have been waiting for and tossing it for so long, as sitting on the bike and riding to  Whyalla, it looked so good with the blue sky’s and the red soil hot and just a braes. The distance from Port Augusta to Port Lincoln is 346km. It was so nice that I forgot the speed limits, sitting in range of 120-130 km ph. By that time I realized my speed, my Electra started cuffing and chucking it’s self, just outside Tumby Bay, wa wa what’s wrong now, no fuel, what a bustard I only had another 40-50 km to go. Hear I’am sitting on the side of the road, and I’am telling my self this isn't’t going to be my late afternoon. Any way have a cigarette one, two, three. It was getting late, I put the flashers on, and in no time a bloke pulls up in a 4wd, and asking me mate are you ok, I replied, mate you wouldn't’t  believe me if I tell you that I just run out of fuel, the gay look at me and saying the Tumby Bay is only 3-4km around the corner, so I politely asked him if he would be kind to bring me some fuel, he replied, no wearies mate I will help you, in about ½ -1 hr he was back with fuel, and lead the way for me to Tumby Bay Mobil service station, I off course paved him couple dollars for his effort. In the meantime, it was massing how many cars pull up to offer assistance. Any way I was back on the road to Port Lincoln, arrive a’ bit late but, I didn't’t have to sleep on the side of the road.
16 April 2005 Saturday Morning. Port Lincoln to Border Village, distance 890 km.
As it started early in the morning, I taken some early photos of Port Lincoln and off course a photo outside Crowley’s Motor. And back on the road toward the SA & WA border. The ride through Flinders Hwy was a nice ride and fast, as meter fact I nearly forgot  to stop at Smoky, I had to make a u-turn, I have taken photos outside the bar. Quick light beer and few smokes, and hading towards Edna, Wheals Town the sky’s are blue, the sun is out and just a braes, I am felling warm, riding in Denim Jacket and tee shirt under and Harley Jens. At Edna I had some lunch, taken some photos and back on the road.
With a plan to hit the Border Village by late afternoon, I wasn't’t even felling tired, all I wanted is ride and ride.
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